Bible Study


Max Height Plyo pushup

1 min on
1 min off
25 kettel bell swings
As many minutes as possible
Minimum 10 minutes
Goal is 20 minutes


20×1 back squat
If you were successful last week add 5-10lbs, if not back off to a weight you think you can do for 20 reps.

Outside sprint work/ power cleans.

Truth #10

Truth #10
Truth doesn’t need you, you need Truth.

Truth #9

Truth #9
Truth inspires action, if you believe something it will change your behavior.

Truth #8

Truth #8
Grow or Die.
Relationships require work, they are never neutral. If you want to walk closer to God, enhance your marriage or connect with your kids, learn how to grow those relationships.

Truth #7

Truth #7
Truth doesn’t care if you think it is right or wrong.
You can’t change truth to fit your lifestyle, your life must be changed to accept truth.

Truth #6

Truth #6
Truth Hurts
Most of us are unwilling to face the truth that would allow us to change.

Truth #5

Truth #5
Truth doesn’t need to prove it’s right.
Let your actions speak for themselves, people will notice you are different.

Truth #3

Truth #3
Truth is not for sale, rich or poor, Truth is truth.
Health is a gift from God, it can not be bought. Be a good steward of the body he has given you.

week 6 lesson 3

II Timothy 1:7  For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Take the time to not only learn this verse but spend time in prayer asking God to reveal his self and his will for you in this scripture. God speaks to those who listen, let him speak to you.

Do you have a spirit of fear? Throughout this study God has been challenging you to change and to be transformed, to be set free from sin and bondage of sickness, disease, of bad health and unbalanced priorities. This study is not intended to be a self help guide or better diet plan or weight loss program. The intention of this study is for you to open you mind and release the fear and doubt and begin to allow God to be in control of all areas of your lives, allow Him to rule and reign over all aspects of our time, our family, our food, and most importantly our minds. Are you worried what others will think if you begin to live a transformed life, are you afraid your friends won’t like you anymore if you eat your hamburger without a bun or if you get strange looks when you eat bacon at every meal? Those things may sound trivial but many of our decisions are based on fear of change. God is calling you to change and to change radically, he wants you to live in freedom from fear of others and to live in obedience to him and to begin to exercise discipline and self control in areas of our lives where we never thought possible.

List some decisions you make in lifestyle and diet based on fear and misinformation.


How is God calling you to change those areas if your life?


As the saying goes “you can have results or excuses, not both” , it truly comes down to priorities and the things in your life you place value on. When you say you don’t have time, money, or other resources to live as God has planned for you, you are saying that you know better than him and that his plan is not good enough for you. I challenge you today and from here on to live with purpose and to pursue the things of God without fear of others. Break free from living in the flesh and allow God to have control in all areas of your life.


Warm up 50 jumping jacks

workout 1 mile run time trial

mobilty 1/2 mile walk