“Bianca” WOD!

Hey CrossFit Family,

As most of you know, Bianca Cook, an active Truth member, was in a car accident last week. Thankfully, she is going to be okay & will make a full recovery.

With that being said, we would like to show the Cook family support during this time and will be hosting the “Bianca” WOD this Saturday, April 2nd.

The “Bianca” fundraiser WOD will start at 9:30am.

Come show the Cook family love, get a good workout, and fellowship with our Truth family. Everyone is welcome!! See y’all there!

Also, don’t forget Crawfish Boil this Saturday at 5pm at the Rogers house!!

8 Week New Year CFT Challenge

8 week New Year CFT Challenge

It’s hard to believe but 2016 is here! It is time to get back on track with our nutrition, get in the gym, and make some goals. We are going to start an 8 week Nutrition challenge on January 4, 2016 and it will end February 29, 2016. That’s soon, right? Don’t worry, we are going to start easy and build over the 8 weeks.
This is not only about weight loss but also about feeling better, having energy, and performing better in the gym. The cost is going to be $10. Below are some details.

WEEK 1-2 (Jan. 4-Jan 17) Clean out the closet!
These first 2 weeks are about cleaning out the pantry and fridge and filling it will healthy and whole foods. Getting rid of the “bad” stuff can be an adjustment so be prepared with good substitutes. Be prepared to eat lean meats, vegetables, some fruits, nuts and seeds, potatoes, whole grains, and minimal sugar. During these weeks you also need to take pictures and measurements of your body. To participate in the challenge you will need to turn in at least your measurements to Lauren.

WEEKS 3-4 (Jan. 18 – 31) Dialing it in!
These weeks will be all about dialing in the amounts of the foods we eat, as well as balancing them out in a ratio that fits your individual needs. You will be encouraged to weigh your food and measure it out, although it might be time consuming it is proven to work. Plus, we need to know how much food we put into our bodies. You will be given general guidelines to follow or the option to purchase specific macros for your needs from Lauren.

WEEKS 5-8 (Feb. 1- 29) Stay the Course!
These last 4 weeks will be all about staying on track and being as consistent as possible. This is when you will see lots of changes in your body and if you are fueling your body properly you will see performance improvements as well. Also, you will be able to receive “points” during these 4 weeks. There will be gym challenges (more info coming soon!) you can participate in to get these points.

Dates to remember:
Jan. 4th – 8 week New Year CFT challenge starts.
Jan. 9th (Saturday) – Information session on 8 week challenge. CrossFit Totals. Don’t miss this, it is a great baseline for the year. Measurements due.
Jan. 23rd – registration for the Winter Classic closes.
Feb. 1st – Gym challenges start!
FEB. 6th – Winter Classic in Nac. (a great way to stay motivated to get to the gym during the chilly months and great prep for the OPEN!)
Feb. 25th – THE 2016 OPEN begins!!
Feb. 29th – Challenge is over, updated measurements due.

COST: $10.
Prizes will be given in regards to inches lost as well as participation in the gym challenges.

THIS WILL BE A GREAT JUMP START TO THE NEW YEAR. You will have the support and encouragement of our CFT community. Let’s get healthy together and learn how to fuel our bodies!!

Children’s Christmas Tree

CrossFit Truth has adopted two kids, one boy and one girl, to be “Santa” to this Christmas. On the announcements board at the gym you will find more information about them and different toys they like. If you would like to help provide clothing or a toy for a child please sign-up at the gym so we don’t overlap too much on what presents they get. Anything is helpful, big or small. Let me know if you have questions.

I know together we can help these kids have a great Christmas! Thank you!

Amanda Schwartz Clinic!!

Hey Crossfitters!

Just a reminder about the Amanda Schwartz clinic this Saturday, May 30th, at 9am. It will be a great morning focusing on skills like pull-ups, handstand push-ups, toes-to-bar, wall balls and a few other things. We can always improve on these skills and I guarantee Amanda will be able to give you some pointers to improve, no matter what skill level you are at!!

Amanda is a great coach/teacher with a lot of experience training with the best coaches in the business as well as competing at the highest level at The CrossFit Games! Come learn a few things from her this weekend!

It is $20 and from 9am-11am. All are welcome!


Going Away Party for Jon & Jenn D!

Hey guys!

If you didn’t already know, Jon & Jenn are moving soon to Houston. We are very sad to see them leave but also know they have an exciting future ahead of them! We would like to throw them a going away party next Friday, May 1, at Legends at 6:30pm.

Bring your family for dinner or just stop by for dessert and say goodbye. We will provide a cake for dessert.

We hope to see everyone there! Come show Jon & Jenn how much we appreciate them at CrossFt Truth!


Hey CrossFitters!!

This Friday, March 27th, we are going to have an end of the 2015 CrossFit Opens party!!!

Time: 5:30pm (there will be NO 4:30pm class this week)

We will run Open WOD 15.5 in heats and after everyone has gone we will EAT together!!! We will provide the meat which will be hamburgers and hotdogs and I will post a sign-up sheet for sides, condiments, dessert, drinks, plates, etc. at the gym.

Plan to be there, it will be a fun evening to wrap up the 2015 Open! Look for the sign-up sheet in class tomorrow!

EVERYONE is welcome, even if you aren’t signed up for the Open!! See y’all there!!

Bring a friend in the New Year!!

Hey CrossFitters!

We have exciting things happening at CrossFit Truth in 2015 and we are looking forward to a great year!

We want to encourage you to bring a friend to join in on the fun with our ‘Bring a Friend Program’.

How it works: Bring a friend…

They will get 2 class sessions for FREE…

They decide to join with at least a 1 month membership ($85)…

You get $25 off your next months membership!

If you bring two friends who both decide to join then you get $50 off. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can bring so you could get 1 month free just for bringing friends! We are going to run this program during January & February to start. If your friend comes during a different class time than you just make sure they mention to me who to give credit to!

Start thinking of friends to invite and remember that CROSSFIT IS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Stay tuned for other exciting things to come!

Fitness Challange!!

Hey CrossFitters!!

I am excited to announce our upcoming 21 Day Fitness Challenge! Below are some details!

21 Day Fitness Challenge at CrossFit Truth!!

·       September 1 – September 21

·       Combined nutrition & fitness challenge

·       Earn points

·       Win prizes


·       Eat Clean

1.    Protein (chicken, beef, chicken, pork, eggs)

2.    Vegetables – eat lots of them!

3.    Fruit

4.    Good Fats – avocado, nuts, & seeds

·       No Sugar, grains, or dairy.

·       3 meals a day

·       1 cheat meal (not day!) per week



·       Participate in Strength sessions

·       Mobility after class

·       Record your workouts

Track your Points!!

          To win you must turn in your points sheet!!

More info to come in class! Decide now you want to participate!!